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21 Strategies To Keep Us Healthy And Well Through Uncertainty

How to Stay Healthy and Well Through these Crazy Times we all are Living in

We are being emotionally, psychologically, physically and somehow spiritually challenged with the coronavirus situation. And how about if this is just the tip of the iceberg?

Unfortunately, some health experts are predicting that this situation we all are experimenting, may last for a few months or even worse as 12-18 months.

In reality, who knows how long it is going to take to calm this virus down? Nobody in the face of the earth has experienced something as coronavirus before.

This is a time of uncertainties in all aspects of our lives and to be honest, we all are concerned and somehow afraid and anxious on different levels about it. And if we keep watching the news on TV and looking to all the bad things that are happening all over the planet confirming that there is a real threat, the fear inside ourselves may become crazy and transforms in panic.

So, when we focus our attention on emotions such as fear, anxiety, panic, despair, anger, envy, insecurity, sadness, hopelessness, etc., we are knocking ourselves out of balance. And a body and mind chronically out of balance creates a perfect storm for diseases including immune problems, colds, heart conditions, and basically all chronic health conditions we all see around us. Or everything we don’t want.

In a stressful situation the brain activates the autonomic nervous system that keeps us in a survival mode, or the called fight or flight mode (the primitive way we were hardwired to respond to a danger or stress). In this mode, we produce stress hormones that are intended to give us energy to run, fight, defend ourselves and get out of the danger. And this is a perfect defense mechanism if we were being chased by a lion and in need for the run.

Consider that even the way we perceive things around us, or just our thoughts alone can affect our nervous system. For example, when we are in a safe environment but still worrying about our future, that thought alone will activate our survival mode to release stress hormones. Then, if we keep ourselves in the fight or flight mode for a long time, we spend our precious energy we all need for the long run and weaken our immune system.

Consequently, more we focus on problems more we activate our survival mode or the state of arousal that load 24/7 our body with stress hormones.

Then, can you imagine what it is going to happen with our health if we focus our attention on the news and on this scary situation, for a prolonged time? Sure, it will not support neither our immune system nor our overall health. So, unquestionably, it is not a good idea.

Also, it is understandable that you don’t want to alienate yourself from reality. So, the best idea is to choose a health expert, scientist, or professional you trust and daily listen to his opinion and updates.

Basically, to keep ourselves health and sane, it is prudent to stop as much as possible exposing us to the news on TV . Also, from videos, comments, and everything that would cause us even more anxiety, hopelessness, fear or panic.

Instead of following the news filled with tragedies, the best approach is to focus our time and attention in things that will actually be helpful to live a full, rich and rewarding life.

More than before, we all need to keep ourselves healthy and sane by pacing or lives, trusting that everything is going to be alright, making plans for our future, investing in our health and doing our best in the midst of uncertainty to keep our energy for the long run and strengthen our immune system.

So, it is crucial to get our mind away from problems and invest our time building resilience by focusing our energy and time in positive things. This will increase our own energy, the energy of those around us and the energy of the planet. Exactly what we all need.

Please, make a commitment to include some of the tips below in your daily routine in order to keep yourself strong physically and mentally. These are well documented strategies that are truly helpful for living a rewarding life at any time. All considered stress antidotes.

  1. Pray, visualize and trust that everything is going to be alright. Keep yourself dreaming about a bright future and see in detail how your life how is going to be in a month, two months, six months, one year, five years period, etc. Keep dreaming (here). Optimism play an important role in healthy ageing and is associated with improved physical and cognitive health outcome.

  2. Affirmations–It is well documented that a intervention such as affirmations have benefits across threatening situations, decreasing stress and increasing well-being

  3. Mindful meditation – Numerous studies shown the benefits of meditation in all aspects of our health. There are apps such as Calm, Headspace, Buddhify, Inside Timer, and other apps that you can download for free and start right now. Or if you want to learn transcendental meditation please send me a message, and I can teach you this form of meditation for free.

  4. Self-compassion meditations and exercises by Dr. Kristin Neff. The scientific research confirms that self-compassion meditation or exercises are effective to increase self-compassion/reduce self-coldness, and to alleviate stress and symptoms of burnout.

  5. Deep breathing exercises (here, here). Do slow, deep and smooth inhale and exhale breaths during the day or at any time you notice tension, anxiety, fear or feelings connected to activate a stress response, stop it by deepening your breath. Be aware of your feelings and emotions.

  6. Yoga. There are some free online classes such as yoga with Adrianne, with Kassandra, and so many others. All wonderful to calm the mind and relax the body.

  7. Do physical activities such as Tai Chi, Qigong.

  8. If you have lots of energy to expend you can try physical exercises such as Zumba, Bar Method online, etc.

  9. Go for long distance walks in nature (if possible). Reconnect with Mother Earth. Walk bare foot (if no pesticides in the soil).

  10. Do daily hot baths adding in the water Epson salt, essential oils or apple cider vinegar to help detox and relax the body.

  11. Do some laughter yoga exercises. It really works and even if you do it by yourself, you are going to feel much better after 5 minutes of practice.

  12. Play boarding games. Play cards and any game available.

  13. Keep a gratitude journal where you can write for five minutes every day everything you are grateful for. It is scientifically proved to enhance immunity.

  14. Watch funny movies and comedies.

  15. Listen to uplift music

  16. Learn a new hobby or a new language you are thinking about it the last few years and had no time.

  17. Take free online classes at Yale. Every learning program on Coursera is flexible and 100% online. Make progress at your own pace with video lectures, readings, quizzes, and more. And more than 35 million people are achieving their goals with online courses and degrees from the world’s best universities. And they have some for free.

  18. Play with your pet and if you don’t have one maybe this is a good time to adopt a pet for you.

  19. Gardening - Take a good care of your plants and garden because there are increasing evidence that gardening provides substantial human health benefits.

  20. Paint or draw - If you have abilities use your hands and creativity.

  21. Take care of someone you love. Even talking with them by phone. This will make you feel valuable.

Sure, that if you implement some of these strategies in your daily life, you will see wonderful results in your mood and overall health.

I hope this situation passes and leave behind a valuable lesson to all of us. But in this between let’s be changing our lives for better.

Be safe, at home as much as possible, and wear masks if you have (for any reason) to leave your home.

Infinite Blessings to all of you and don't forget to leave your comment .

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