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Let me introduce myself -

My name is Elianni Gaio. I was born and grew up in a farm and experienced what I call today a dream childhood. There was plenty of space to run and play, fresh fruits and vegetables. No processed foods. No electronics. Lots of fresh air. A privilege.

From that, radically, I moved to a big city called Rio de Janeiro when I was 14 years old and became immersed in the city. Soon after I started working, my professional life led me to considerable success as a stock broker. However, my intense work in the financial markets left me with little time for a healthy lifestyle. 

Instead of keeping my good habits from childhood, my modern lifestyle left me dependent on processed foods and meals eaten irregularly whenever work would allow me. Plus lots of stress, poor sleep, and exercising only when work allowed. With this big change, increasingly I found myself experiencing migraines, vertigo, lack of energy, severe panic attacks and gut symptoms.


Eventually, I quit my job and moved my family to the US, in search of a better, healthier lifestyle.

While I was looking for help with these symptoms I saw dozens of amazing doctors who were very well recommended, but couldn't find any prolonged relief to my symptoms and instead they tried to make me believe that these symptoms were normal and part of my life.

To be honest, I never believed that having a symptom is a normal part of life.

The breaking point came on a Saturday morning, when and I felt that I couldn't function any more. I went from being active to the next morning awaking up with debilitating vertigo, migraines, and pain all over my body, just to name a few of the symptoms I had. I could barely move. Worst of all, the doctors didn’t have an answer.


This started a new chapter of my life. As my symptoms kept me inactive, what I was able to do mostly with my time was to read. So, I focus my reading in health related topics from all the bestsellers I could find, and I started applying every good recommendation I read to myself:  all the diets, health recommendation and changes in lifestyle,  supplements and  tests, etc. 

The more I read, the more I learned and improved my health issues. I also started helping my family, friends neighbors, etc who started asking me questions related to treatments, tests, supplements and health in general.


Without noticing, I fell into a new passion - a passion that was not about my own health questions anymore. A passion that was about helping people improve their own health issues, their sleep, their lifestyle, their exercise performance, their diet and ultimately their own lives. 


I feel that my journey to wellness has not always been easy or simple, but ultimately resulted in a rewarding lifestyle. The message that my difficult health experience taught me is that we all have the power to transform the bad in the good, as I read once "problems come to us with a gift in its hand.” 

And I hope that in reading about my journey and exploring my website, you may benefit and join me in this online community dedicated to well being.