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About Me
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Hi there, I am Elianni Gaio,

I am a functional health and nutrition coach with a passion to help chronically ill clients to transform their health by changing their diet and lifestyle. 


Also, I am a foodie at heart who enjoys delicious nutrient-dense and real food, loves to dance, meditate, to be in nature, to be around my amazing community of hard worker clients, friends, neighbors, and family members. 


After I healed myself from debilitating neurological issues that lasted more than a decade of my life, I could understand that many chronic diseases can be prevented, significantly improved, or even completely reversed by making positive diet and lifestyle changes.


Unlike other health coaches, I am on a mission to help prevent and revert chronic disease. To get into the bottom of my client’s health concerns and work on behavior change to fix them. 


I use my knowledge and experience to empower my clients to build new habits that support their own long-term well-being.

Taking responsibility for their own health. Understanding their individual nutritional needs. Reconnecting them to nature, to themselves, and to the power of simple things.


I am here to provide my clients emotional support, to help brainstorm ways to overcome their health issues and emotional obstacles, and to keep them engaged and active in their own self-care.


To leave their own comfort zone, overcome themselves, their deepest fears, and experiment their lives in a completely different way. Ultimately, to see their own healing journey as the greatest opportunity of their lives. 


To have gratitude and fully heal themselves. 

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