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Let's Work Together!

An evidence-based approach


I am a functional health and nutrition coach and besides my education as a coach, I am ADAPT Framework Level One Certified by the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine.


Also, I spend most of my time researching and studying difficult cases to be sure that I am not missing anything to better help and guide my clients. 


In my coaching practice, I use a holistic coaching approach to empower my clients to change their fear and suffering into confidence, gratitude, compassion, health, and peace in their hearts. 



Who I can help?  


I work with those suffering from many types of digestive symptoms and conditions, helping them to find the root causes of their problems. 


Also, by changing their diets and lifestyle in order to heal faster their gut issues and support their overall health.


Who is going to benefit from my services?


While I have been working with clients with a large variety of health conditions such as Parkinson, dementia, and many neurological issues, my expertise is in the following areas:


Gastrointestinal Health


-    Disordered eating habits

-    Digestive problems such as nausea, bloating/gas abdominal pain and diarrhea/constipation

-    GERD or acid reflux

-    SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrown)

-    FODMAP intolerance

-    Food sensitivity or food intolerance

-    Celiac disease and gluten intolerance

-    IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) 

-    Diverticulitis

-    Dysbiosis or imbalance of good bacteria


Also, I am able to help clients with many health conditions that are associated with imbalanced gut bacteria such as:


-    High blood pressure

-    High cholesterol levels

-    Blood sugar imbalances

-    Insulin resistance

-    Diabetes

-    Obesity

-    Autoimmune diseases

-    Skin problems such as acne or allergies

-    Thyroid disorders

-    Exhaustion

-    Sleep disorders 

-    Chronic inflammation 


HPA axis Dysfunction or Adrenal Fatigue


Also, I am able to help clients with symptoms of HPA axis dysfunction. The HPA axis is the main physiological system for all our stress responses. It plays a crucial role in regulating the synthesis and release of endocrine hormones including cortisol, with widespread effects throughout the body. 


My clients with HPA axis dysfunction (known as adrenal fatigue) or hormonal imbalances may experience a myriad of symptoms that respond well to changes in their diet and lifestyle that include:


-    Chronic stress or stress intolerant 

-    Exhaustion or chronic fatigue 

-    Sleep disorders

-    Infertility

-    Amenorrhea (lack of a regular period)

-    Blood sugar imbalances

-    Frequent infections such as colds and viruses

-    Exercise intolerance 

-    Brain fog or lack of concentration


Getting your health back


I have been working with individuals from all around the world and helping them to be active participants in the prevention and reversal of their own chronic health issues. 


Almost like a detective, I guide my clients into a comprehensive investigation in all aspects of their own lives and help them uncover the root causes of their health issues.


In a collaborative approach, I teach to my clients simple but powerful components of health, wellness, and longevity such as changes in diet and lifestyle.


To understand their unique caloric and nutritional needs, the importance of a nutrient-dense diet, and lifestyle changes. To address sleep issues, to manage stress levels, to balance physical activity, to reduce toxic exposures, to cultivate quality connections, to cultivate positive thoughts, and more. 


How do I do my work?


No one-size-fits-all approach


I have found that the best way to help my clients in their healing journey is by creating a specific action plan according to their unique needs.


If you are interested in being one of my clients please, send me a text message or email before you schedule an appointment. Then, we will schedule a 15-minutes consultation to see if I can help you in your own health journey. 


After that, you feel free to schedule a consultation at your convenience.




If you are looking for a consultation with me so I can help you figure out ways to improve your health and wellness this is where you get started.


Schedule a health and nutrition consultation with me 


How it works


Consultations can be on your choice of phone, zoom or in person.


Each one-hour session costs $250. You can reach me at:




Phone or Messages: 786-7970809

I can’t wait to hear from you! And I hope that in exploring my website, you may benefit and join me in this online community dedicated to well being


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