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  • Elianni Gaio

3 Simple, Natural and Powerful Strategies to Balance Your Hormones

Hormonal symptoms are our body’s way of screaming that something we are doing needs an adjustment.

Hormone replacement therapy is a temporary band-aid to suppress symptoms, ignoring the root cause of what caused your hormones to be out of whack in the first place.

Hormones imbalances can be triggered by chronic stress (1), poor diet habits and buildup of toxins (2) in our systems.

Wherever you are with your hormones and with your health in general, simple and powerful interventions could help you fully recover and resolve the root cause of the symptoms.

Here are 3 strategies to implement in your life in order to balance your hormones and your overall health:

1 – Do stress management even though you don’t feel you may need it.

Stress alone can be what is causing your hormone imbalances. Unperceived chronic stress from our modern lifestyle is enough to be producing stress hormones that wreak havoc on our health overtime.

So how do you find time for stress management in your busy routine? Think about starting small, with maybe just 3 minutes a day of meditation, and measure the difference in your quality of life after a month.

You can also try mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques, walking in nature, dancing, singing, exercising, yoga, tai chi, CBT, guided visualization, interval training, smiling and laughing, playing music, or getting social support. The most important thing is taking time for yourself and enjoying it.

2- Clean up your diet by excluding inflammatory foods such as gluten and grains, dairy, sugar and processed foods in general.

Change your diet to a nutrient-dense diet, focusing on fresh whole foods with plenty of minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids to fill the micronutrient gaps you have. Anti-inflammatory foods are abundant, and include wild fish, grass-fed meats, pasture raised chicken, and organic fruits and vegetables.

Food is information and providing good, REAL information for your body is going to help you recover and heal.

3 – Detoxification: Remember everything that touches our skin enters our bloodstream in 3 seconds. Give your body a break from chemicals you can avoid.

Chemicals and toxins are in almost everything. From solvents, resins and plasticizers in our nail product, to the mercury and lead in our cosmetics, to Bisphenol A BPA in our water bottle, to the pesticide in our produce, to a simple scented candle, and so on.

Those chemicals we are exposed to are endocrine disruptors and one thing they can do is mimic or partially mimic naturally occurring hormones in the body such estrogens, androgens and thyroid hormones.

To avoid these, eat organic produces, grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, wild caught fat fish and drink plenty of pure filtered water, buy organic cleaning products and cosmetics, buy some plants to filter the air inside your home, and try doing infrared sauna.

Empower yourself by implementing these 3 strategies, and help your body restore its natural balance.

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