Simple and Delicious Wine Poached Pears with Dark Chocolate Sauce

June 13, 2018


Simple and Delicious Wine Poached Pears with Dark Chocolate Sauce

Serves: 4



- 4 Bosc pears, ripe and firm,  peeled, stems left intact

- 1 cinnamon stick

- ½ vanilla stick, cut lengthwise

- 1 stevia packet 

- 1 fresh lemon, halved

- 2 cups red dry wine, such as cabernet or merlot

- 1 cup filtered water

- 4 ounces / 100 grams organic 80 percent dark chocolate (no sugar added), chopped into pieces



Step 1

Season the pear with the lemon juice, reserve


Step 2

Into a medium/large pan combine the red wine, filtered water, cinnamon, vanilla, stevia and the seasoned pears, over medium heat, bring to a boil

Reduce heat to low, simmer, gently turning occasionally, until pears are cooked but still firm, about 40 minutes (taste the sweet and add 1 more stevia packet if needed)

Cool pears and chill in refrigerator, 2-3 hours


Step 3 (Chocolate Sauce - prepare it right before serving)

Place the chocolate into a heatproof bowl, reserve

Place over medium heat a saucepan with an inch of water, bring to a boil 

Set the heatproof bowl with chocolate in the middle of the saucepan until it softens, and completely melt, 4-5 minutes

Serve the melted chocolate over the pears as wanted



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