Coconut Flan with Prunes Sauce - Gluten and Dairy Free - Paleo

June 8, 2018


Coconut Flan with Prunes Sauce

Serves: 8-10


Time Preparing: 25-35 minutes

Time Cooking: 25-30 minutes

Total Time: 30-35 minutes


Ingredients (for Coconut Flan)

- 2 tablespoons unflavored beef gelatin great lakes

- 4 tablespoons tapiocaflour

- 2 tablespoons riceflour

- 1 tablespoon potatoflour

- 4 tablespoons coconutsugar

- 4 stevia bags

- ½ cup unsweetened, organic coconut flakes

- 4 cups organic coconut milk

- 1 cup organic coconut milk creamer

- 1 box unsweetened organic creamedcoconut


Ingredients (for Prunes Sauce)

- 200 g dry organic prunes

- 1 cinnamon stick 

- 1 packet stevia 

- 2 cups filtered water



Step 1

Place in a medium size bowl unflavored beef gelatin, tapioca flour, rice flour, potato flour, coconut sugar, and stevia, whisk until well combined, reserve


Step 2

In another medium size bowl combine, 2 cups coconut milk, coconut milk creamer, and organic creamed coconut

Using a hand electric mixer on medium speed beat until combined, 2-3 minutes


Step 3

Add little by little the reserved flour mixture into the coconut mixture, and beat until well combined, 3-5 minutes

Add the remaining coconut milk (2 cups), and shredded coconut, whisk well until combined


Step 4

Transfer this mixture to a medium size pot 

Over medium/low heat slowly bring to a boil, whisking continuously 

After boiling, cook for 2-3 minutes, until thickened


Step 5

Pour into lightly greased pots or a Bundt pan

Let the flan cool to room temperature then, chill in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours 

To serve, run small sharp knife around flan until loosen

Turn over onto a serve plate

Shake gently to release flan

Top with the prunes sauce to serve


Preparation (prunes sauce)

In a saucepan combine prunes, cinnamon, stevia, and filtered water

Over medium heat bring it to a boil

Reduce heat, and simmer 15-20 minutes or until tender

Transfer to a bowl or mason jar, reserve

Serve the prunes sauce on the flan top and decorate the flan with a few prunes as wanted

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